Eco-Air Italian technology in the world

A successful designer, following experience as a technical consultant and designer for two of the most important companies in the industry, decided in 1984 to take up the market challenge and create the "ECO-AIR" trademark.

Through the "LINEA ECO-AIR S.r.l." company, he designed and invented revolutionary new techniques paying close attention to power consumption and environmental questions..

Linea "ECO-AIR S.r.l." COMPANY designs and produce:

* Automatic and manual painting booths;
* Industrial or artisanal painting booths;
* Vertical and semi-vertical oven booths for body shop, buses, trucks, trains, airplanes;
* Manual systems with static ovens for liquid and powder paints also for the wood sector;
* Automatic industrial painting systems with conveyors for liquid paints and powder paints;
* Industrial painting systems with overhead or ground conveyors for the wood sector;
*Dry air filtration and purification systems with activated carbon;
* Plants and cabins for the processing and painting of fiberglass;
* Plants and cabins for processing various types of plastic products with various flame-hardening or pretreatments;
* Plants and cabins for glass processing with flame-hardening;
* Cataphoresis and anaphoresis systems.

The "ECO-AIR" system is capable, in a very short technical times, of designing any kind of plant with astonishing innovations and savings.
Inventiveness and an extraordinarily skilled technical and sales staff combined to turn an extrovert inventor into a company ready to cross any frontier.

Our company is the first and today only in the world to use mostly of own solutions the material of future.... ALUMINIUM
We are at you disposition for estimates and designing of plant adapted to every situation and every requirement.
We are at your disposal for quotes and customized systems design.


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